Windmills and stroopwafels

Welcome to The Netherlands, a tiny country several meters below sea level! The land of cheese, water, funny black sweets named 'dropjes', numerous museums and typical celebrations like Sinterklaas or the King's birthday. And as you may have noticed, we don't live in windmills and we don't walk around in wooden shoes. And yes, we do like to eat salty raw herring and sweet syrup waffles and we always complain about the weather.

Even though you will have little or no problems communicating with the Dutch in English, learning the Dutch language can be a great asset. It helps you with practical issues all expats have to deal with sooner or later and if your children attend a Dutch school and learn Dutch quickly, you don't want to feel left behind, do you? And wouldn't is simply be more fun if you could understand the Dutch television and radio programmes and talk with the locals?

Learning the Dutch language is not as hard as you may think. Since English and Dutch are genetically related to each other, knowing English will help you a lot. Should you know some German too, well, then you will even have a greater advantage!

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  • Maximum aantal cursisten 12
  • Minimum aantal cursisten avond: 8
  • Minimum aantal cursisten ochtend: 6