Dutch (DAL)


LEVELS 1, 2, 3 (€ 165,00 PER 10 LESSONS, € 330,00 PER 20 LESSONS)

We advise you to start at Beginners level 1, even though you already know some Dutch. The reason for this is that our way of working is very different from other language schools and it would be a pity if you enter a group that does not meet your level. In this first year we mainly work on the comprehension of Dutch (by listening and reading a lot). Speaking Dutch will definitely take place from the very first lesson, but you don't have to! If you prefer to come and listen than you are also more than welcome, because that's how you learn the most. After the Beginners Level 1 course you can continue with Beginners Level 2 and then Beginners level 3. This way you will build a solid basis of the Dutch Language to manage the most frequent situations.

Furthermore you will have access to our online learning platform.



  • Maximum 8 students per group