Course Dutch as Additional Language

What is it?

We are not the kind of language school you are probably thinking of. In our classrooms you will not find any text books or exercise books. Nor do we give you any homework. Unlike most language teachers, we are not so much interested in teaching you grammar rules. We would rather simply communicate with you!

At first it is very important that you understand the Dutch language. In order to speak Dutch, you first need to comprehend what you hear. And you need to comprehend what you read. Of course we encourage you to speak some Dutch in our lessons, but we never force any of our students into speaking. As long as you listen and read with us, you are learning Dutch!

So our teachers talk in Dutch throughout the whole lesson. The teacher might give some command for actions to be executed, in order to work with the new vocabulary. Together with the teacher you will create the most interesting and sometimes funny stories. The stories include dialogues that will be useful in your daily life in The Netherlands as well. You will read stories as well and become the character as you act our the story. Our lessons are dynamic and practical.

In the first year you can participate in beginners courses on levels 1, 2 and 3. You will learn the most frequent vocabulary. All the stories that we tell and read are presented to you in both present and past tense.

€ 150,00 per 10 lessons

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